About Us

The creator of the Bully Grip - Bully Stick Holder, Vaso, works with dogs both professionally as well as socially. Her Search and Rescue dog, Tesla, had an incident which landed them in the emergency room after her dog swallowed a three-inch piece of a bully stick.  This incident almost required Tesla have a very invasive surgery.   


Because of this, Vaso realized that chewing through these hard treats can be dangerous - which began her journey to create the Bully Grip - Bully Stick Holder.  When working with engineers, your dog's safety was her top priority.  The testing phase was rigorous and no shortcuts were taken.  The Bully Grip was tested on many different dog breeds before it was finalized.  We are proud to bring the Bully Grip - Bully Stick Holder to dogs everywhere!  (Watch their story on the Video tab above).