MISFIT Bully Grip Small

MISFIT Bully Grip Small

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MISFIT Bully stick holder that fits most bully sticks and hard treat sticks  from 1/2" wide to just under 3/4" wide   

PLEASE NOTE, THESE BULLY GRIPS ARE BLEMISHED WITH MARKS OR SCRACHES OVER 1/2 INCH IN SIZE THAT DID NOT MEET OUR QA.  They are not defective and work the same as our regular Bully Grips.  They are priced down due to their blemishes, we are not wasteful!  MISFITS are not returnable.

  • Multi-Functional Dog Toy and Safety Device! 
  • Made with non toxic chew resistant durable natural rubber designed for dogs that like to chew (supervise use).  
  • Helps prevent choking and stomach blockage in dogs when eating treat sticks. 
  • Quality Inspected, Assembled and Packaged in the USA.  Globally sourced material.



1/2 inch thick bully stick = Good hold.

5/8 inch thick bully stick = Great hold

3/4 inch thick bully stick = EXTREME hold

Twist the Bully Grip onto the treat stick by gripping the bully grip in one had and the treat stick in the other.  Twist until the treat stick is completely in the bully grip.  Works best if you place the Bully Grip on the thickest part of the treat stick.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joy Born
Dogs love them

These are definitely a unique design unlike others on the market. My dogs really enjoy working on the bully stick even after it’s only sticking out about an inch, but once small it’s virtually impossible for them to get out due to the strength of the rubber holder inside. I like this as the small pieces are the real danger. It dies take some muscle and hand strength to twist the stick into these, having arthritis or other hand/wrist issue could be a real problem. I have found using a pair of pliers is helpful to me in getting these out or moving the stick forward in the holder ro allow one end to be chewed a bit more, just making sure the other smaller end is still very secure. Wetting the stick helps to get it out with pliers or some blunt hard object you can push it out with, and also upfront if you wet and let dry that also helps the stick grip more to the holder. Overall I will buy more of these again great safety item!! Try them!!


I usually buy braided bully sticks for my two dobermans, so I was really hoping these would work.
I bought all three sizes to use on the different size sticks I buy. Unfortunately, not even the large Bully grip will accommodate a "braided bully stick". Best if
used with the thinner, smooth sticks. Otherwise, a very good product!

A great purchase

A little smaller than I thought but works for the smaller sticks. Got a medium also for the thicker ones. I would say the small is for the thin sticks

Eric S.
Works great!

If the stick is too small it's fairly easy for the dog to take it out. This small one fits many sticks! I buy an assorted pack from Costco and many of them will hold properly. I prefer the small and medium as opposed to the large Bully Grip. It all depends on your needs. Don't worry about the size of your dog, it doesn't matter. Make sure to watch your dogs at all times!! It is not 100% effective obviously. It will give you enough time to grab the last piece before the dog ingests it. It seems to withstand a fair amount of chewing, but I taught them to chew only the treat. The only thing is it can be a little hard to remove the last piece sometimes. You might wanna use a flat tip screw in a piece of wood for stability, or pliers.

Gabby .A
we LOVE bully grips!♡

My dog will swallow her chews whole in the blink of an eye which made it hard to give her stuff without having a staredown with her...But I saw these grips on tiktok and thought "How could a lump of rubber have that much grip??" Well I bought two (M & S) and I LOVE them! I still monitor her but she goes to town on it for at least an hour. Its way less stressful since she's learned the chew is over when it's down to a nub so she walks away. I don't feel as bad that she can't finish it cause she forgets about it afterwards lol. Such a simple product but honestly it's great and probably saved some lives for dogs like mine who gulp their treats.